Monday, February 22, 2021

The White City Stones - Bejeweled

 I bought a box of small to medium size stones for painting. I just finished the 9th stone in the series I call, "The White City Stones - Bejeweled."  

Front above and Back below

The idea came from a couple of different sources but with the same symbols: a city in parts unknown; all buildings are made of white stone; the streets are paved with gold and lined with trees and flowering vines; the street leading to the White City have homes bejeweled with one of four precious stones: amethyst, ruby, blue sapphire, and emerald; and the streets and homes are lined with whits stone walls bejeweled with the same four stones mentioned above and attached is a gate made of silver. 

Showing flowering vines along perimeter

I painted the stone in the previous post using the symbols envisioned using the idea above and started to paint these smaller stones in the same way with the addition of flowering vines along the perimeter. At the top of each stone are windows painted in the color of one of the four gemstones - my personal large stone has ruby windows. The largest in the center is twenty feet high! You can have such things when using your imagination!  :)  The gold on both sides is the paved street in front of your hone and aside the bejeweled walls and silver gates. The opposite side of the stone is a look across the street from your home where you see the bejeweled wall there. 

Ruby (colored) Windows (front)


Emerald (colored) Windows (front)


Here are pictures of the collection of nine stones and a close-up of one of each gemstone color, front and back.  I am making these available to anyone interested for $15 each including S&H. They come in their own cloth drawstring pouch. They range in size from 2 and 3/4" x 2" to 3 and 1/4" x 2 and 1/2". They are painted with acrylics and sealed with a coat of Mod Podge. If interested in owning one of the White City Stones, please contact me via email typing, "Blog Post - Stones" in subject box: 

Blue Sapphire (colored) Windows (front)


Amethyst (colored) Windows (front)


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