Monday, January 4, 2021

My New Art Project is in the Works

 I am starting a new art project.  I am going to continue to paint stones incorporating my writings that pertain to and explain the stone's image which, when finished, will become a self-published book. 

This first stone I painted from the memory of a place I go to when I travel in spirit inside my visions, dreams, and soul experiences.  Because of the spiritual nature of this project I don't want to say more except that months from now I hope to have a physical extension of what I have experienced on my sacred path.  A book.
All stones will be painted on both sides - just another point of view to share.  I have some working titles and have started writing what is important to the stones' images - I will work it all out eventually -  have to start somewhere.  I won't be posting more images of the painted stones but will post when there is more to share about my project.

In the meantime, I'm thinking about painting stones that can be offered for purchase, so stay tuned.  I have plenty to keep my time occupied for now. 

Thank you for your interest. Stay safe and healthy as we continue to live through these difficult times. 

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